No doubt that as with any surreal, subjective creation, Angel Duque has a need for expression that moves him over the years to paint non-stop, using a figurative technique, invented by vanguard painters years ago, in order to cultivate a voluntary introspection regarding painting resulting in amalgamated spaces, indistinguishable, which result in figurative images that are a product of his need for expression, worries and obsessions. Solitary figures waiting to be helped, anthropomorphic silhouettes or only separate volumes accompanied by zoomorphic figures that try to bring forth some kind of order in brilliant constellations, claustrophobic ambiances, communicating among themselves, relating to each other and provoking the spectator.

The skilled technique used to paint brings forth all that was forgotten in the recesses of the mind. Abstraction with incredible colors, bold artistic dares, stylized figures that take leave of the real world and become involved in the recesses of consciousness, avoiding stasis and bringing forth an internal dialogue. Duque positions himself, rightfully so, on the verge of classical traditions and artistic trends in style at the turn of the century.

Those impossible backgrounds with disturbing figures reveal a dramatic story that the author did not intend to tell, transforming the world and reality. His style shows the inherent poetry of each tragedy suffered by the world’s inhabitants, full of horror and injustice but, alto, organized by a superior ruling consciousness. The trick, typical of the creator, through which we can be conscious of our banishment from Paradise, but also of our only salvation: Art and its enjoyment in life. Thus, the sometimes horrified and others in awe, the observer must take a stand or fall forever into senselessness and, thus, abandon his trip. His work is to build reality, orient it and give it a new, worthy, sense.

No doubt his love of art and passion for painting will never be accommodating and restful. He does not conform with what he has already done. The final explanation of Angel Duque’s paintings is “Myself and what you understand”. Let us open our understanding and join, for a moment, a restless and curious mind.

Luis Temboury