“Everything in Duque reminds us of something: Picasso, Bacon, Lam, Matta, Guayasamin, Romero de Torres, the grim Zuloaga, the Goya of the Capricious and Disasters; it seems unavoidable to escape from the trainning that an artist’s curiosity permits to shape his ability to experiment taste, to live deeply the pleasure of introspection involved in the single moment of sitting down.

We have seen regularly Duque sit in any unexpected place and circumstances, bring out pencil and paper and draw in absence for long lasting minutes without looking up, searching in his traces of blurred memories images that conform the dark room of his inaction. In this place, void of space and time, Duque levitates like a monk devoted to his prayers, experiencing involuntarily aesthetic pleasure but not unconscious as reality is represented.

Something emerges from the paper that is but it is not, that seems but does not quite look like, that suprises and satifies but does not fill, that cheats subtly and breaks away from reality just to bring it back under another complete form.

And, plain and simple, he represents. He represents as us, owning the same cultural background, we read it , see it and are impressed by it. It would be useless to try to explain these drawings, find their reason or likeness, as this innate and unavoidable ability of the modern artist has no social or ritual function to fulfill. Unlike his work on canvas, studied in every of its formalities, achieved after a long practice of skill and executed with intent to communicate, Duque’s drawings were not done to respond a need for communication with the outside world.
They are a personal product, the clear proof of the expertise acquired with the practice of representing, the aesthetic emotion, the Rasa. ”

Luis Temboury

Málaga, junio 2014

Ángel Duque · Dibujos
Poesía: José Pejó Vernís
Limited edition
177 pp.
26,00 €
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