Ángel Duque (1954) was born and raised in Madrid.

In 1971, at age 17, his need for new horizons makes him move to Malaga (Torremolinos) where he starts to earn a living as a painter.

He spends winters in Italy, from the Veneto to Lombardy, establishing his ability. Angel travels to Amsterdam and Brussels until, at age 22, he begins a time of creative activity, drawing on a daily basis, completing his fist watercolors and figurative paintings.

In 1987 he begins traveling to Latin America – Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Cuba…and at this point his painting definitely begins to open up. He discovers the colors and light of those places, impacting strongly on his next major body of work.

He focuses his technique becoming steadier, and surrealism begins to appear within his work. In 1992 he holds an exhibit at the Goya Art Gallery in Nueva York.

In 1997, the exhibit at the Casa de Bastidas-Voluntariado de las Casas Reales de Santo Domingo shows an inkling of more mature and surrealist painter. He finally frees himself of ballast .

In 2002, he has his most important exhibit to date at the Espalter Gallery in Madrid and in 2003 the Guayasamin Foundation in Quito holds his most noteworthy exhibit in Latin América.

Angel Duque currently lives in the Spanish Basque Country (San Sebastían).